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Drug smugglers opened fire on border guards in Zangilan and were detained

Drug smugglers opened fire on border guards in Zangilan and were detained.

This was reported by the Press Center of the State Border Service (SBS).

It was reported that on June 7, at 22:15, two unknown persons violated the state border from the Islamic Republic of Iran to Azerbaijan in the area of ​​the border post near the village of Bartaz, Zangilan region, in the service area of ​​the Horadiz border detachment . The border post was immediately raised by the Silaha team, and the service area was closed.

Despite the order of the border guard to “Stop” and the opening of warning shots in the air, the violators disobeyed the order and tried to kill the border guards.

As a result of search operations and operations carried out in connection with the violation of the state border, one of the border violators was detained and a package containing 5,880 grams of marijuana-like substance was found and confiscated. fled back to Iran.

At 01:50 on June 12, in connection with the information received about the violation of the sea borders by an unknown target in the direction of Neftchala, the SBG Coast Guard sent border patrol vessels in the direction indicated. Immediate measures were taken to detain and pursue him.

In connection with the incident, the state border was guarded and the coastal areas were inspected in the direction of the vessel.

As a result, two suspicious sacks were found on the beach near the village of Mayak, Neftchala region, in the service area of ​​the “Mayak” coastal control unit of the Southern Regional Department. During the inspection of the bags, 13 packages of 22 kilograms 855 grams of drugs (15 180 grams – marijuana, 7 175 grams – opium, 500 grams – heroin) and 15 43 pills containing psychotropic substances were seized.

Investigative measures are underway.

Azerbaijan news

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