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Is Arazdayan given to Azerbaijan? – Armenia is worried

After the visit of Armenian Prime Minister Nicole Pashkina to Arazdayan, the country’s national flag was lowered in the settlement. According to Qaynarinfo, this step caused a great stir in Armenia.

It should be noted that after Pashkina’s last visit to Ararat region, the Armenian flag was lowered in Arazdayan “Yerasx” Some of the letters of the name of the settlement (Arazdayan) were torn off.

It turned out that after Pashniya’s visit, there was a stir in the return of Arazdayan settlement to the Azerbaijani side, as a result of which the equipment of the winery and tasting hall on the road was dismantled and transported to the center of Ararat region.

Currently, residents of the district, especially in the settlement of Arazdayan, are confused. Residents are said to be concerned about the lowering of the Armenian flag. As the authorities did not provide any information, they are preparing to evict their minor children and some of their belongings from the settlement.

It should be noted that the positions of the Armenian and Azerbaijani armies face each other on the heights around the village of Arazdayan, which borders the Sadarak district of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Yerasx It was once a village inhabited by Azerbaijanis and later deported.

The village is historically called Arazdayan because of its location near the Araz River. The Armenian government changed the name of Arazdaya to Yeraskh in 1968.

According to historical sources, only Azerbaijanis used to live in the village, and then a small number of Armenians moved there. More precisely, Armenians moved here in 1897. During the last deportation – in 1988, Azerbaijanis were expelled from the village. According to the latest information, about 900 Armenians currently live in Arazdayan.

Azerbaijan news

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