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The first test results of the Apple M2 processor have appeared

Famous Geekbench in the database of the benchmark site Apple new to the company M2 has a processor MacBook Pro 2022 The first test results of the model have emerged. According to the results of the test, it can be said that during the presentation of the M2, Apple did not give any false information about its performance. So the previous M2 processor M1 managed to leave the model far behind in terms of performance. According to the test protocol of the MacBook Pro 2022, the new M2 processor is different from the M1 during single-core loading. 11.5% is faster. The performance of the new processor in the case of multi-core loading 19% rose.

These figures are the average of Apple’s new processor 18% confirm that he is working faster. In addition, during the presentation, the company noted that the processor GPU in the performance of the side 35%There is an increase. Processor GPU as part of real tests 50%has shown an increase in performance. It should be noted that the M2 processor is in addition to the new model MacBook Pro 2022 MacBook Air 2022is also used in. However, in the MacBook Air model, the performance of this processor may differ due to the fact that the laptop has a passive cooling system.

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Azerbaijan news

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