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Belarus announces training on border with Ukraine

Ukrainian Defense Ministry spokesman Alexander Motuzyanik says Belarus has deployed 4,000 troops along the Ukrainian border.

Belarus’s Defense Ministry announced “mobilization exercises” on June 22 in the Gomel region, which borders Ukraine.

The trainings are expected to continue until July 1.

The ministry adds that such trainings are held in the country every year. For example, the military commissariats of Mogilev region took part in the exercises in 2021.

According to the report, unlike previous mobilization exercises, this time the servicemen will be sent home, not to military units.

However, it is noted that special operations units will also participate in the maneuvers in order to bring the exercises closer to real operations.

Although he did not take part in the war

The Belarusian Defense Ministry says the purpose of the exercises is to check the readiness of military commissariats to perform their duties.

It is said that during the exercises, conscripts will be mobilized through the commissariats.

Belarusian media reports that Belarus’s southern border with Ukraine is currently under strict security.

Preparations are being made for possible threats in this area, including Gomel province.

Important objects and roads are protected here.

The Belarusian army is not involved in Russia’s war against Ukraine, but Russian forces are firing missiles into Ukrainian cities from Belarus.

However, military experts and observers are discussing the possibility of full participation of the Belarusian military in the conflict.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Alexander Motuzyanik Belarus has deployed 4,000 troops along the Ukrainian border.

According to him, Russia can use them for new attacks on Ukraine.


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