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Ukrainian photographer ‘killed’ Russian soldiers

Levin and Chernishov were captured by Russian soldiers while searching for a drone used by Levin to cover the war in Ukraine.

Well-known Ukrainian photographer and documentary filmmaker Max Levin and an accompanying soldier were killed by Russian troops near Kyiv in March. Reporters Without Borders (RSF) came to this conclusion as a result of the investigation. They were reportedly killed while searching for lost photographic equipment.

Interrogation before murder, torture…

The Paris-based RSF said it was conducting an investigation from May 24 to June 3. Information and evidence obtained by the organization Levin and Oleksey ChernishovOn March 13, he was killed by Russian soldiers in a forest in the village of Moshchun, near Kyiv, and had previously been “interrogated and even tortured.”

The head of the investigation department of the RSF Arno Froqer and Levin, a French photojournalist who worked in Ukraine Patrick Chavel led. They concluded that they were captured by Russian soldiers while Levin and Chernishov were looking for a drone used by Levin to cover the war in Ukraine.

Russia began occupying Ukraine on February 24.

Evidence gathered by the RSF included bullets, identity documents, items with traces of DNA, all of which showed traces of Russian soldiers in the area, in Levi’s burned Ford Maverick, and other items. This leads to the conclusion that Levin and his bodyguard were executed.

“We owe them the truth”

“Analysis of photos from the crime scene, on-site observations, and the discovery of material evidence show that there have been interrogations and even torture before,” he said. – Secretary General of the RSF Kristof Deluar said in a statement.

“In the context of the war, which was marked by deep propaganda and censorship by the Kremlin, Max Levin and his friend died fighting for reliable information. We owe them the truth. We will also identify those who killed them. ” – Deluar stressed.

Levin, 40, is one of eight journalists killed in the line of duty since the start of the war in Ukraine. His body was found in the woods on April 2.

Levin, a father of four, has worked with numerous Ukrainian and international media outlets, including Reuters, the BBC, and the Associated Press.


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