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Amazon Alexa will even be able to speak through the voices of the dead

Amazon The company was held in Las Vegas yesterday Re: Mars exhibited controversial technology from an ethical point of view at a conference called. During the conference, the company demonstrated a smart speaker that can speak with the voices of relatives of the user. The problem is that the smart amplifier on display can speak even through the voices of deceased relatives. Amazon’s senior vice president and Alexa who is the chief scientist of the voice assistant department Rohit Prasad spoke of a function that allows a voice assistant to clone a certain human voice. In a video shown by the company during the conference, a small child asked his grandmother to finish telling a story. Alexa confirmed the child’s request, first through the voice of a robot, and then, imitating the voice of a member of the child’s family, switched to a thinner and softer tone.

Apparently, such technology “Black Mirror”Looks like the plot line of one of the episodes of the series. According to Rohit Prasad, the Alexa team was able to create a system that allows the voice assistant to generate a high-quality sound matrix. However, in order to generate a high-quality sound matrix, Alexa is simply instructed by an audio file that contains a sound of less than 1 or 1 minute that contains one or another human voice. The feature is still under development and it is unknown when it will be fully integrated into Amazon Alexa. The technology has the ability to create duplicates of any sound. Rohit Prasad noted that such technology allows to immortalize the memory of loved ones who died.

Azerbaijan news

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