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Gas excitement in Germany

The German government will provide a loan of 15 billion euros to fill gas storage facilities

Germany has launched the second phase of a three-part emergency plan in response to Russia’s cut in gas supplies, accusing Moscow of an “economic attack.”

The plan, launched on June 23, is designed to cut off gas supplies or increase gas demand. At the same time, it is one step closer to supplying Europe’s largest economy with gas. But it has not allowed companies to ask consumers for rising energy prices.

60 percent reduction

Germany and a number of European countries are heavily dependent on energy imports from Russia.

“Gas is currently a shortage in Germany,” he said. – Minister of Economy Robert Habek told reporters at a press conference.

The incidents show a “serious deterioration in gas supply,” Habek said.

Russia’s energy giant Gazprom last week cut gas supplies to Germany via the North Stream pipeline by 60 percent, saying repairs were underway.

Germany has rejected this technical explanation.

Putin’s strategy

“Although it is now possible to store gas in the market, the situation is serious and winter is coming. We must not deceive ourselves: cutting off gas supplies is Putin’s economic attack. “Obviously, this is Putin’s strategy of creating danger, raising prices, dividing us as a society.” – Habek stressed.

According to him, they hope that the gas will not be supplied normally, but this is not an exception.

The German government will provide a loan of 15 billion euros to fill gas storage facilities.

The government will also sell gas to the industry through auctions to reduce the use of large companies.

Gazprom has already suspended supplies to a number of European countries, including Poland, Bulgaria, Finland and the Netherlands.

Russia, which launched an attack on Ukraine in late February, has faced heavy Western sanctions.


Azerbaijan news

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