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Ramin Hajili announced in court that he was on a hunger strike

Imprisoned leader of the “Azerbaijan European Movement” Ramin Hajili says he has started a hunger strike. Hajili told court on June 22 that he had taken this step in protest of the unfounded accusations against him and the violation of his rights.

“I will continue the hunger strike until my rights are restored”– he said.

The Baku Court of Grave Crimes is considering the case of Hajili, who is accused of defrauding those who want to go abroad for work, travel and permanent residence in the name of obtaining visas from embassies and then settling in those countries. He says the investigation at the Prosecutor General’s Office is incomplete and biased. According to him, in this situation, the court can not consider the case and make an objective, fair decision. Therefore, he wants the case returned to the investigation. Although he filed a petition in court, it was not granted.

His other request was for house arrest, but the judges said no. He was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months in prison on fraud charges. Therefore, it is impossible to release him under house arrest.

Hajili accused the judges of bias against him and failure to look at his case objectively. He objected in writing to their consideration of the case. However, the protest was not considered. He then went on a hunger strike.

Interrogated as a witness in court Azer Aliyev He says he and his brother wanted to go to Canada. Hajili promised to resolve visas and other issues, but did not fulfill them.

“I gave him $ 2,000, $ 3,000 and 11,250 manat. I sold my house. He deceived me, now I live in rent. That’s why my family broke up. Now I have somehow rebuilt my family. He sends me away for 4-5 years, does not return my money “– the witness said.

Hajili said that these people were purposefully trained and sent to court.

“With such injustices, you discredit the state. My rights cannot be violated “Pilgrim began screaming inside the glass cabinet where he was kept in the courtroom. He punched the wall. Judge Azad Majidov ordered his removal from the courtroom. Accused Hajili was handcuffed and taken out of the courtroom.

Hajili is accused of fraud in an organized group, organization of illegal migration, preparation and use of forged documents. However, he pleaded not guilty and only pleaded guilty to forged documents. He said he worked in tourism to make a living. Many of those who applied to the company to travel abroad did not have an official job. He also asked his acquaintances to register these people in the institutions they lead and issue a certificate.

Ramin Hajili, former chairman of the Dalga Youth Movement, was later represented in the Democratic Reforms and Hope parties.

He was charged in 2017 with providing false documents to the embassy for those seeking a visa to visit the United States. The court sentenced him to probation. In 2018, he was re-arrested on charges of attempting to cross the border illegally. Hajili said he had debts and tried to cross the border illegally to work abroad to repay his debts. Because he had a suspended sentence, he could not leave the country legally.


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