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Samsung has introduced a new 200 MP camera sensor with the smallest pixels on the market (VIDEO)

Samsung The company is new to mobile cameras 200 MPintroduced a camera sensor. ISOCELL HP3 The camera sensor differs from the company’s previous 200 MP camera sensor with interesting features. Due to the reduced pixel size, the ISOCELL HP3 is more compact than the previous 200 MP camera sensor. Therefore, the ISOCELL HP3 can be installed on the compact and slim bodies of new smartphones. According to Samsung 1 / 1.4 ”optical format The new camera sensor is equipped with the smallest pixels on the mobile camera market. So the size of each pixel is total 0.56 micrometers contane.

ISOCELL HP3 camera sensor Tetra Pixel supports technology and at its expense to increase light sensitivity 2 × 2 (50 MP) and 4 × 4 (12.5 MP) modes can cover images. Another distinctive feature of the new camera sensor Smart-ISO Pro technology. He is different ISO combines the information in the display frames to form ready-made images with a wide dynamic range. In addition, ISOCELL HP3 Super QPD has acquired a new autofocus system called. This autofocus system uses all the pixels of the camera sensor to provide fast and accurate focus on the subject in the frame. Test versions of ISOCELL HP3 are already available at Samsung’s partners. Large-scale production of this new camera sensor will begin this year.

Azerbaijan news

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