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“They said that the ministry does not transfer money, they left the work unfinished”

Nahid Adilov, a resident of Ikinci Chagan village in Shamakhi, told Meydan TV that their house was damaged by an earthquake two and a half years ago.

In this regard, the Emergency Situations Commission inspected many houses in the village, including the house of the Adilovs. The building is included in the list of reinforcement.

Only a year and a half after the incident – in August last year, the company, which will finally carry out repair work, began work on the house, showing the family an estimate-design document.

According to Nahid Adilov, the exterior facades of the two-storey and 7-room house should be reinforced, the walls should be covered with concrete, the walls should be plastered, painted, doors, windows, floors and ceilings should be replaced, partitions should be removed and rebuilt with sawdust. had to be changed.

The workers did only part of this work for about two months and left:

“The exterior facade of the house was reinforced, the walls were plastered, some windows were replaced, and some plastering work was done inside the house. Then they said that the money was gone. The Ministry of Emergency Situations has not transferred the next stage of the money to complete the work, we will come and continue whenever it does. ”

“About a year has passed, we have been in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, recently we went to the Presidential Administration, we were received by Zeynal Nagdaliyev, Assistant to the President for Territorial and Organizational Affairs. 20 days have passed since the reception and there are no results, ”the complainants said.

The Adilovs say they do not know the name of the company carrying out the repairs, while the person in charge of the work, Vugar Hagverdiyev, has always mentioned the names of individual companies.

Meydan TV contacted Vugar Hagverdiyev.
He did not name the company he worked for and did not answer the reporter’s questions: “Why did they give you my number? Why are you calling me? Who am I? I’m a small person, go and ask from above, “he said and hung up.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations wrote in a recent letter to the Adilov family that the restoration work will be completed soon.

It is not only the Adilovs’ house that has not been repaired in the village after the earthquake.

Neighbor Sabir Rasulov told Meydan TV that the workers, who had stopped work for the same reason, left the “dangrat” on the house and left:

“The repair work began in 2019. Dangrats stayed on the roof of the house. The house is in disrepair, it can collapse at any moment. We have sent our children to another place, we cannot go outside because we are housewives, we are forced to live under this “dangrat”. “

Mahal Construction, one of the contractors, carried out the reinforcement work in this house.
The company’s representative Shukran Rahimov told Meydan TV:

“There were houses there that used to be thought to be restored,” he said. Then the relevant agencies of the Ministry of Emergency Situations came and inspected, it turned out that some houses could not be restored, they considered it expedient to demolish those houses and build them from the foundation. We have written a refusal of such houses and handed them over to the ministry to redesign, estimate and start construction work from the ground up.

“As a contractor, we only do repairs and construction there
we do not work. So far, we have been engaged in the restoration of houses in need of restoration and handed them over. As I said, those who could not be restored have been returned to the ministry, “he said.

Many houses in the village are waiting to be repaired after the earthquake
They made a list and left, but no work was done in those houses.

Hundreds of residential and non-residential buildings and office buildings were damaged as a result of the earthquake on February 5, 2019 in Shamakhi and surrounding areas.

Hundreds of residential and non-residential buildings and office buildings were damaged as a result of the earthquake on February 5, 2019 in Shamakhi and surrounding areas.

Millions of manats have been allocated from the budget for the repair and reconstruction of some of these buildings.

However, for more than two years, citizens who applied to Meydan TV from different regions say that they still live in emergency housing.

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