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Turkey is investigating allegations that Russia stole grain from Ukraine

Ukraine’s ambassador to Ankara said in early June that Turkey was among the buyers of grain stolen by Russia from Ukraine.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu Ankara said on June 23 that it was investigating allegations that Russia was transporting grain stolen from Ukraine to several countries, including Turkey.

According to Reuters, the minister said that so far there have been no cases of theft of grain.

Ukraine’s ambassador to Ankara said in early June that Turkey was among the buyers of grain stolen by Russia from Ukraine.

The ambassador asked Turkey to investigate the matter and identify those responsible.

Russia has previously denied allegations that it stole grain from Ukraine.

British Foreign Secretary in Ankara Liz TrassAt a joint press conference with him, Cavusoglu denied Ukraine’s allegations that the stolen grain was imported to Turkey.

The stolen grain has not been found yet

The minister said that Turkey had not yet observed such cases and informed Kiev about the results of the investigation.

“We take any such allegations seriously and are investigating them,” he said. We observe the departure of ships from ports, and we see that the cargo in question, according to the documents, came from Russia. We are against the illegal sale of Ukrainian grain or any other goods taken by Russia from Ukraine on international markets, and as Turkey we will not allow such cargo to come to us.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has not yet commented on Cavusoglu’s statement.

Kyiv has criticized Turkey for not joining the sanctions imposed on Moscow after Russia launched an unreasonable and baseless war against Ukraine.

At the same time, Ukraine thanked Turkey for its military and political support, as well as mediation efforts.

Negotiations are underway

Russia and Ukraine grow about a third of the world’s grain. In addition, fertilizers are exported from Russia, and corn and sunflower oil from Ukraine.

However, up to 20 million tons of Ukrainian grain remained in terminals after the blockade of Ukrainian seaports by Russia.

The United Nations has called on both countries, as well as their sea neighbor Turkey, to open sea corridors for Ukrainian grain to leave ports.

Ankara approved the plan proposed by the UN and held talks with Kyiv and Moscow.

However, it is reported that no agreement has been reached yet.

Cavusoglu said on June 23 that Ankara was currently in talks with Moscow to remove Ukrainian grain from ports.

Russia has previously been accused by the United States and Britain of stealing grain from Ukraine.


Azerbaijan news

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