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New information about Ragnarok ‘game may be provided soon

In recent weeks, it has gained popularity with accurate insider information Twitter-in The Snitch nicknamed user soon “God of War: RagnarokHe pointed out that there will be new information about him. The protagonist of the series “God of War” in a tweet shared by a user nicknamed The Snitch Kratoslaughing and looking at the camera and shaking his head GIF file is displayed. In the foreground of that GIF file 11110 numerically marked. Users have found that when you convert that number to a decimal number, 30 numbers are generated from time to time. This means that new information about God of War: Ragnarok is likely to be released on June 30. It should be noted, Bloomberg being a popular insider of the site Jason Schreier Some time ago, it was announced that the exact date of sale of “God of War: Ragnarok” will be known in late June. It should be noted that “God of War: Ragnarok” is exclusive PS4 and PS5 is being developed for consoles and should go on sale this year. Jason Schreier had previously said that the game developer Sony Santa Monica The studio plans to release it in November.

Azerbaijan news

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