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Nohurgol was flooded and the recreation center was flooded

An image of the overflow of Lake Nohurgol in the Gabala region has been spread on the social network.

It is clear from the video that the lake overflowed and flooded the nearby recreation area.

Children’s playgrounds, attractions, seats are completely submerged.

We contacted the Gabala District Executive Power regarding the incident.

Arif Allahverdiyev, deputy head of the department for analysis and forecasting of socio-economic development, said that the water had already been drawn and there were no problems in the area: “This incident happened a few days ago. It has been raining intensively in Gabala for days. As a result, mountain water accumulated in the lake. However, the water capacity of the lake is 17 million cubic meters. The water collected in the lake did not exceed 14 million cubic meters. At present, the problem has been eliminated, all the water has been withdrawn.


Azerbaijan news

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