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According to Sedat Peker Eynulla’s interview, a fire broke out

Sedat Peker, who is alleged to be the head of the mafia, made new shares on his Twitter account.

Azerbaijani journalist, “The Khojaly massacre was committed by Azerbaijani soldiers”He wrote Eynulla Fatullayevformer Turkey interviewer Minister of the Interior Mehmet Agar Sedat Peker’s alleged nationalist mafia claims that “Yalikavak Marina (a port for small boats and yachts) has been seized” Turkey Azerbaijani sitting on the agenda businessman Mubariz Mansimovresponded to the allegations.

Peker’s press adviser is Emre social “Mehmet Agar, the head of a deep state, you have denied only one of Mubariz Mansimov’s statements,” he said. But some newspapers writes it as you deny Sedat Packer. Chief (Sedat Peker – ed.) Does not like to be denied. I think fix it, otherwise You will be worse off than the SadatistsHe shared.

After the promise is fulfilled social Sedat Peker’s shares about Agar, which were banned from media sharing, were published at the expense of Emra Olur. Packer made the following statement in a total of 16 tweets:

“Deep Memet, people get smarter as they get older. How did you lose your ability as you got older? You gave an interview to deny the fighter. However, oats (Süleyman Noble It is intended – “24 hours“) You just talked about the helipad without saying anything like that. The neighborhood of this neighborhood (neighborhood quarrel – It is used in the sense used by Sedat Peker for Suleyman Soylu and meets everyone in the neighborhood.24 hours“) Is a tactic.

In the videos, I said how the neighborhood can be. As long as you itch, sin is gone from me. Why didn’t you talk about how he got the fighter’s marina? Why didn’t you talk about smuggling drugs, diesel and people from the marina? In the 90s Kutlu Island Why didn’t you talk about murder and other unsolved crimes?

“We will also talk about unsolved murders in the 90s”

In the future, we will talk about the unsolved murders of the 90s. I know and thank you Tarik UmitWe will also talk about what they told me at the house of the governor of Goztepe district Hasan. The late Tariq Umit knew he would kill. He even told me that and you killed him.

It would be a shame not to tell you about the money you received from drug traffickers. We will talk sincerely about everything in the past. Killed by his son Why didn’t you name the journalist girl?

“Theft is in your genes”

It seems that the former mayor built the helipad of the prison, and your son is a thief like you, so he did not tell you – 50 thousand from Mubariz dollars We will build a helipad. Theft is in your genes.

Once upon a time on that helicopter pad Mustafa Koçflour came by helicopter. Again Ferid ŞahenkWe came by helicopter. At least with a fighter helicopter 10Went 0 times. What a disgusting man you are, when Aydin’s former Prosecutor General Ekrem Yigit was fired PETKİM(Petrochemical Holding – currently SOCARof Turkey under his arm – “24 hours“) Didn’t you post?

“Didn’t you frame Gulen’s letter and hang it on the prison wall?”

Fethullah Gulen Didn’t he send you 7 books in prison? As a child, did you not show it to everyone who came to you, saying, “Fethullah Gulen sent me these books”? Didn’t you put the letter in a brown frame and hang it on the prison wall? Didn’t you show it to everyone? What a disgusting man you are, I will destroy you…

Fighter your son Tolqa Agardid not fire because he used cocaine? Isn’t his friendship with you over?

“You insulted Erdogan”

Moreover, Tayyib Erdogan you were constantly insulting him. Didn’t you suddenly change after meeting Hasan Yesildag for 4.5 hours in the place where Hasan Yeşildağ looked at the Bosphorus? We will talk about everything you said at that meeting.

In addition, when the time comes, believe that in the Ministry of Defense “Milli Design and Milli We will also talk about how the “production” lie is still robbing the state.

“What did you talk to Orkhan Adibelli before his death?”

Deep Mehmet, you 2020killed in Kayseri in businessman known as a drug smuggler orhan adıbelli(deliberately lowercase capitalization of first and last name – “24 hours“) I will see when I talk about his death. It is said that those who killed the man were arrested and killed for money. So who was killed, there is no answer (from the main murder) !.

What did you talk to Orkhan Adibelli before he died?

When this cycle changes, this crime will be reconsidered and re-investigated. The prosecutor will require HTS records.

(Whom people call with HTS records, voice or video information is obtained about the use of communication.)

What did you talk to this man before he died? The HTS notes of others at the meeting will also be made public.

“Isn’t it your partner who killed Orkhan Adibelli?”

The prosecutor won’t ask you that, shameless? You were both the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Minister of Justice. Aren’t you ashamed to act as soon as you can on the issue of 50 million euros to be paid for drugs? Come on, tell me I didn’t talk to Orkhan.
The son of the deceased is currently unable to speak. Maybe when the time comes, he will speak too. Even if he doesn’t speak, I have all the evidence. See you, don’t miss it. Murat Boyraci, the partner who killed Orkhan Adibelli, nicknamed “mouse” (deliberately wrote the initials of the name and surname in small letters – “24 hours“) Is not it? Won’t your HTS archive appear with murat boyracı? But how about the HTS records with the killed orhan addibelli, won’t they come out too?

Holiday no, not spectacle – what are you doing in Dubai? ”

On the one hand, you say the allegations are “not true”, and at the same time you send Murat Boyraci and the mouse Murat to Dubai. You are poor. Don’t confuse me with the late Tariq Umit and the late Orhan Adibelli. Or don’t confuse me with the people you killed before. At the request of a friend, I would not tell anyone about Murat Boyraci. What are you doing in Dubai on the eve of the conspiracy against me? If you came with good intentions, why didn’t you warn us?

Your Pokemon Mehmet Barlas language is very long. One of the chukkas you got as a result of a job search at the Les Ottomans Hotel in the Bosphorus news I will give. “

Iran citizen Ahmed Nazari’s sharing

Agar in Europe arrest who are wanted by decision Iran citizen Ahmed Theory Turkey Peker, who gave his citizenship, also shared images of Nazari’s ID card. then Sedat Peker “Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing Iran How did you hide your citizen Ahmed Nazari in Turkey? How did you give this person Turkish citizenship while being wanted? When I started sharing last year, you saw the mess and sent it to Dubai. There was a plaza in the center of Kavacik and a house in Acar Blu. An average of 250 million a year dollars manages an international fraud network that collects. How did you give Turkish citizenship to a person wanted all over Europe? ” wrote.

Ahmed Nazari

Ahmed Nazari

And then Sedat Peker shared this claim:

“He is currently receiving your partner from Elazig, Murat Boyraci, in Dubai. Sehmus from Bingöl is also with them. Of course, a prosecutor will come and demand the HTS records of Tolga Agar and Ahmed Nazari. Cihan sour, Ahmed Nazari still you gave him a gift 10 He turns the rosary worth a thousand dollars, we will talk about it, we will talk a lot. “

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PS Recall that Eynulla Fatullayev After Mubariz Mansimov’s statements about a person known as “Lotu Guli”, he shared that he would take revenge on Mansimov.

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