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Traces of Rustam Usubov in the murder of Rena Nasibova

Rustam Is Usubov a murderer?

Baku Military Former in court MTNof the General Directorate of Investigation chief Movlam Shikhaliyev, investigation department chief deputy, 1st department chief Yasin Mammadov, 2nd department of the investigation department chiefcolonel Vusal Alakbarov and the Department of Methodological Assistance and Criminology of the Investigation Department chief Deputy Sahib Alakbarov crime on the case court the process continues.

“24 hours” news gives that June 20held at court the accused in the process Sahib Alakbarov in the process crime directly on the case Attorney General Zakir Qaralov and his 1st deputy Rustam Usubov’s oral and written instructions execution said he did:

– I did not take money from the people involved in the investigation, I did not demand it. If someone has demanded and received money, the prosecutor’s office, the Serious Crimes Department of the prosecutor’s office should investigate, identify and bring to justice. If I am in front of you today as an accused, I am on my right Zakir Qaralovon the left Rustam Usubov should stop. Each of them, like us, should be disgraced throughout the country. Because the press writes what happened here.

Every word we say is covered in the press

With Zakir Qaralov Rustam This is Usubov’s court It is very important to be questioned as a witness in the process. You will not be able to make an objective, legal decision without questioning these two people in court. because MTNThe material received directly from the Investigation Department of Attorney General Deputy of Zakir Garalov Rustam Usubovwas reported. On the material on the basis of his instructions crime it was decided to initiate or dismiss the case. There was a separate clause in the decision to initiate criminal proceedings. In that paragraph 24 hours The prosecutor supervising the case was instructed to send a copy of the decision.

I have committed a crime during my service. Today, I am ready to take responsibility for that crime. I was a member of the investigation team investigating the crimes of Haji Mammadov’s organized criminal group. The investigation revealed that Rena Nasibova, one of the leaders of Knauf, was accused of crimes committed by Haji Mammadov’s gang. Attorney General Zakir Garalov gave detailed written information.

After her appeal, Rena Nasibova was heard by Zakir Garalov’s first deputy Rustam Usubov. Rena Nasibova said that Rustam Usubova had an affair with one of the Chechens, a member of Haji Mammadov’s gang. He said that his name was Haji police The employee has a gang that kidnaps and commits serial murders. The Chechen gave Rena Nasibova very serious information about kidnappings and serial killings in Baku. Rena told Nasibova that a murder would take place in Baku one day or another. He was killed at the time. He said that the man would be abducted, abducted. Rena Nasibova told Rustam Usubov everything she knew, and she did MTNHe formally wrote a letter to the Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Shortly after Rustam Usubov wrote the letter, Rena Nasibova’s body was found in Knauf’s office.

Rustam Usubov was the first to go to the scene

The expert received an opinion that Rena Nasibova had nausea, vomiting and suffocation. We investigated and found out that Rena Nasibova was killed! At that time, as a member of the investigation team, I was assigned to interrogate Rustam Usubov. During the interrogation, I found out that Rustam Usubov had committed a crime. I asked her what legal measures had been taken on the basis of information provided by Rena Nasibova.

It turned out that Rustam Usubov, as I mentioned, did not take any measures other than writing two letters. I reported this issue to Movlam Shikhaliyev. He is also Rustam Usubov arrest instructed to do. But I gave that instruction execution I did not. I regret that.

At that time he instructed execution If I did, I wouldn’t be here today. I ask you to ensure that Rustam Usubov is questioned as a witness in this trial. He has had a personal feud with me ever since I interrogated him. That is why he involved me in this work and I am in front of you today. If I am here, Rustam Usubov must answer here!


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