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Shocking allegations about Zagatala Central Hospital and Vugar Gurbanov

In the press Zagatala Central Hospital and Chairman of the Board of DOCTOR Vugar Gurbanov Corruption allegations have been spread about

As is well known, 2020in January compulsory in our country from the 1st of the month medical insurance has been introduced. about it President Inspiration According to Aliyev’s decree, changes were made in the structure of the Ministry of Health, and many new health care facilities were established.Medical Territorial Units Management Association ”(DOCTOR) was transferred to the balance sheet. Unfortunately, even after the hospitals were taken from the Ministry of Health and given to MEDICINE, it was not possible to eliminate the negative situation in medical institutions. Electronic mass information means and on social networks There are numerous complaints of bribery in hospitals, which suggests that the daily earnings of chief physicians are not insignificant.

It is not new that hospitals are not content with collecting chief doctors from patients and looting budget funds. Millions of public funds allocated in the name of health care reform for many years have not led to any changes in this area, but have led to an increase in corruption. On the corruption of health workers in recent years arrest This is also a proof of that.

The information about what happened at the Central Hospital of Zagatala region is the same as the above. Thus, both bribery and corruption are taking place in the central hospital of the region. Since it is difficult to determine the amount of bribes collected during the day, we focused directly on cases of corruption. More corruption in hospitals, medicine are allowed in the purchase of funds. Therefore, after bringing to your attention the purchases made by Zagatala Central Hospital in recent years, this is the main point.

Zagatala District Central Hospital 2020We have conducted research on the funds allocated for the “purchase of necessary goods” in 2021. Public procurement by the Tender Commission of the hospital unit according to the information posted on the internet portal 2020-in

  • stationery and household expenses 48 723.73,
  • printing costs 22 881.99,
  • Soft inventory 22 591.69,
  • the cost of purchasing spare parts 30 109.66 manat funds separated.

This is common 124 307 manat contane. Note that all these agreements were signed in December 2020.

Zagatala District Central Hospital for the same purposes in 2021 funds spent?

  • Other land, buildings and equipment 15 847.4,
  • purchase of printing goods 19 910.73,
  • current maintenance costs of buildings and equipment 46123.46,
  • purchase of machinery and equipment 169 823.24,
  • purchase of soft inventory 24 365,
  • stationery and household expenses 58 764,
  • current maintenance costs of vehicles 28 991.13,
  • legal aid 3600,
  • Purchase of other goods (canteen and kitchen utensils) 18 528 manat funds separated.

In general 385 952 manat.

As can be seen, the Central Hospital of Zagatala District from December 2020 to December 2021 is generally responsible for the procurement of the above goods and services. 510 259 manat spent funds. It should be noted that this is a large sum for a 250-bed state hospital.

According to unofficial information from the Zagatala Central Hospital, the hospital currently does not have an electric generator. Director of the hospital Majid Aliyev demanded money from surgeons to repair the generator. Nurses are currently raising money to fix the problem at the junction and buy toilet paper. In the hospital today doctors medical They buy gloves for money from a nearby pharmacy.

How about hundreds of thousands of dollars?

The director of the hospital, Majid Aliyev, told the dissatisfied medical staff that the funds were being wiped from above. They are removed from above, or the deputy director, the chairman of the Tender Commission Rovshan With Ahmadov, Deputy Director for Administrative Affairs Emil Rustamov deletes, it is unknown.

We can not say now State Agency for Compulsory Medical Insurancewith the chairman of Zaur Aliyev, DOCTORThe position of Chairman of the Board execution who Vusnow What will be the relationship between Gurbanov? But we can say that in Zagatala Central Hospital DOCTORThe position of Chairman of the Board execution who Vusnow There are those who rely on Mr. Gurbanov and do a lot of work.

Gulnara Omarova, the head of the hospital’s personnel department, is in charge of all the work. According to the information, she is the head of the department and the chairman of the board of the DOCTOR execution who Vusnow Gurbanov connects close or distant relatives. Vugar Gurbanov’s still Compulsory Medical insurance Gulnara Omarova has been given wide powers since she was the curator of the State Agency for the Northern Region. Ms. Gulnara, who is currently the head of the personnel department at the Zagatala Central Hospital, also visits hospitals in the surrounding areas bribe appoints medical staff in return. His daughter Zulfira is a doctor labor Diagnostic Center in Zagatala, if experience does not allow sick appointed head of services department. He brought his brother’s wife from Katex and appointed her head nurse. According to the information, Gulnara Omarova does all this openly, saying that she is not afraid of anyone.

Majid Aliyev was previously fired for illegalities

Director of the hospital Majid Aliyev 2012-2018in the thirties Shaki He worked as the chief doctor of the Central Hospital. He was fired for illegal actions during his tenure. So, according to the information provided, Shaki RMXwhile being the chief physician of General Directorate for Combating Corruption under the Prosecutor General’s OfficeDuring the inspections carried out by i, a large amount of food was found. After that, it is questionable whether Majid Aliyev will continue his career. However, Majid Aliyev is a former minister Oktay Through people close to Shiraliyev, he not only managed to get out of the situation, but was even appointed director of a relatively small hospital like Zagatala. As can be seen from the information provided to our editorial office, Majid Aliyev did not stop his actions in Sheki. These are not the latest information about the Zagatala Central Hospital, where Majid Aliyev is the director. There are more embarrassing cases that need to be investigated. But the main thing is that the secret actions of the young staff, acting chairman of the Board of DOCTOR Vugar Gurbanov, and the cases that turned on his behalf in the Central Hospital of the district were revealed. /

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