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He wanted to carry historical items across the border

Azerbaijan customs officers a significant amount of the object of historical importance of the country customs smuggling across the border way prevented an attempt to hold.

State Customs The committee said that the Western Territorial Chief Customs Based on the information received by the Operations Department of the Operations and Investigation Department of the Office, at the “Red Bridge” customs post Azerbaijan from Turkey through transit through its territory Russia A Mercedes-Benz truck heading to the federation was detained.

During the customs inspection of the truck, only 15 plastic bags were found hidden in the cab and trailer of the car.

As a result of looking at these parcels, 4 gold coins with different symbols and hieroglyphs, with different symbols and hieroglyphs on them. 20 silver pendant, bronze – 18 pendants with candle symbol, as well as 22 pendant pendants, 5 cube-shaped objects with symbols, 4 polygonal objects with symbols, 1 octagonal object with symbols, various symbols on them containing 280 pieces of rectangular objects and finally, various characters and hieroglyphs on it 10.800 circular copper pieces were discovered.

According to the opinion of the State Expert Commission of the Ministry of Culture, the objects belong to the early and medieval era, the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire, and have historical, artistic, museum and ethnographic archeological significance.


Azerbaijan news

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