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The British Prime Minister called Putin an “example of toxic masculinity.”

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Conson said that Russia President Vladimir Putin If she were a woman, she would not have started a “stupid, macho” war in Ukraine.

“If you need an ideal example of toxic masculinity – that’s what he did in Ukraine”– Johnson German mass after the end of the G7 summit in the Bavarian Alps information said in an interview with the media. (Masculism is the opposite of feminism). Johnson also called on women to hold more leadership positions.

During the first meeting at the G7 summit, Johnson jokingly asked if we could take off our jackets to show that we are “the guy who beats more than Putin” in the famous photo.

Earlier, the leader of the British Conservative Party, Boris Johnson, spoke in feminist rhetoric. However, she has been repeatedly criticized for sexist jokes. 2018On International Women’s Day, Boris Johnson wore a T-shirt with the words “Women’s place is parliament” to run.

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Azerbaijan news

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