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The family of the former chairman of Azerkhalcha is demanding the return of their property worth 30 million


Ali Family applying to the court crime wants to be acquitted

Former Chairman of the Board of “Azerkhalcha” OJSC, who died on November 5, 2021 – 5 days after being released under house arrest Vidadi Muradov’s family is involved in the verdict against him Ali To court complaint gave.

About his relatives, even after his death crime He wants the case to be terminated on acquittal grounds and the seizure of the confiscated property to be lifted.

We are talking about houses and facilities worth more than 30 million manat.

Vidadi Muradov was found guilty of embezzling 21 million manat in food and more than 640,000 in taxes.

Baku The verdict of the Court of Grave Crimes states that Vidadi Charges against Muradov court proved during the investigation. But about him in connection with his death crime the case is terminated.

Court as well as compensation for damage to the state budget as a result of food, including the State Tax The court decided to confiscate the property of Vidadi Muradov and his family members to secure a civil lawsuit worth 640,922 manat.

Houses, non-residential areas in the names of the former head of “Azerkhalcha” and his family members, totaling 30 million 587 thousand manat, as well as shares and assets of “Azer-Ilma” LLC court by decision arrest set.

On arrest The part of the property worth 19 million 144 thousand 554 manat is houses, non-residential areas.

The confiscated property worth 11 million 442 thousand 490 manat is the shares and assets of “Azer-Ilma” LLC, founded by Vidadi Muradov.

Vidadi Muradov’s lawyer Vusnow Babayev said in court that he arrest Only Azer-Ilma and the surrounding non-residential area, as well as the house on Hasan Aliyev Street belong to Vidadi Muradov. He acquired part of the other property before he became the head of Azerkhalcha, so it is not relevant to this accusation.

According to the lawyer, other property belongs to his son Aydin Muradov, but the court decided to confiscate the remaining property, except for the house on Hasan Aliyev Street.

Vidadi Muradov was arrested in January 2021.

According to the indictment, he leased the office building of his company – Azer-Ilma LLC in Baku to Azerkhalcha OJSC at a higher price than the market price.

The funds intended for the purchase of yarn for the production of carpets by Azerkhalcha OJSC were transferred only to the accounts of companies that are formally available, but in fact are not engaged in the sale of yarn.

The heads of these companies withdrew the transferred funds and returned them to the management of Azerkhalcha.

It is claimed that a large amount of money was misappropriated as a result of inflating prices and working with cheaper and lower quality materials during the construction of 23 enterprises of Azerkhalcha in different regions.

Vidadi Muradova is charged under Articles 179.4 (embezzlement or waste – especially in the case of large-scale damage), 213.3 (tax evasion – especially in large amounts), 308.2 (abuse of power – with grave consequences) and 313 of the Criminal Code. (forgery).

Javid Muradov, son of Vidadi Muradov, Sabunchu district of Baku Police He is the head of the department.

Prior to that, he held the same position in Sabail district.

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