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An action will be held regarding journalist Ilgar Atabayli, whose rights have been violated

Last August imprisonment made journalist Ilgar Conducted on Atabayli crime the preliminary investigation of his case has been completed. For business consideration Ganja He was sent to the Serious Crimes Court. About it Reporter.infoor attorney Guest Muradli said.

Ilgar Atabayli A crime He is charged with articles 182.2.1 (Extortion by threat – when committed by a group of persons who colluded in advance) and 182.2.2 (Extortion by threat – when repeated) of the Code.

The indictment states that Ilgar Atabayli Goranboy district Execution Agamaliyeva Mirvari Agamali, who works as the deputy head of government, and the district execution disparaging information about other officials of the government video in the form of wheels «News channel” page video demanded 4000 manats from Mirvari Agamaliyeva in exchange for removing the wheels.

Lawyer Guest Muradli says that Ilgar Atabayli is innocent. According to him, although he filed a motion to terminate the case during the investigation period, it was not granted. “During the investigation, there is no evidence that Ilgar Atabayli blackmailed someone, demanded money through threats. The amount requested from Mirvari Agamaliyeva Elchin It was brought by a person named Taghiyev. However, he did not give the money to Ilgar Atabayli. This fact is under investigation Elchin It was also confirmed during the confrontation between Taghiyev and Ilgar Atabayli. Despite this, Ilgar Atabayli is kept in prison,” he said Guest Muradli said.

Lawyer at the preparatory session of the court, he filed a motion to terminate the case: “However, the motion was not considered. As a reason, they indicated that I allegedly committed a procedural violation and presented the petition at the preparatory meeting. However, there is no violation here, that petition could and should be considered.”

Mehman Muradli noted that work Ganja Referral to the Court of Serious Crimes is also illegal: “Primary The case was sent to the Sumgayit Serious Crimes Court. But there is the one who leads the process judge he himself refused. He cited his personal relationship with Sanan Abdullayev, the other accused, as the reason. After that, the chairman of the Sumgayit Court of Appeal, Tofig Pashayev, made a decision and closed the case Ganja sent to the Court of Serious Crimes. This is illegal. Because the Ganja Serious Crimes Court is not under the jurisdiction of the Sumgayit Court of Appeal.”

A group of Ilgar Atabayli’s colleagues also believe that he is innocent. They are innocent of their colleagues imprisonment to be done protest as Goranboy District Execution In front of his authority protest They plan to hold an action.

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