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Europe will abandon gasoline and diesel cars

European Union (EU) countries adopted a new action plan on climate protection at the Luxembourg meeting today.

According to the plan, Starting from 2030, new cars with internal combustion engines will not be sold in Europe. Also, a separate fund will be created to help the low-income population and small businesses due to the increase in energy prices due to the tightening of the policy in relation to greenhouse gas emissions.

At the meeting attended by the ministers of ecology and environment of 27 EU countries, draft directives aimed at reforming the carbon market of the institution were presented. After 2035 car in addition to the banning of internal combustion engines, the creation of a climate aid fund, restrictions on carbon-oxide emissions will be applied in the aviation and shipping sectors.

Ministers agreed that the EU should collectively remove 310 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent from the atmosphere, including through afforestation.

Also, “Waste tax” will be included in the price of fuel for both transportation and heating. Price increase for the poor population and small businesses compensation 59 to do billion with a euro budget Social The Climate Fund is established. The participants of the meeting agreed on environmental monitoring and environmental responsibility measures of enterprises, as well as quotas on greenhouse gas emissions for industry.

By 2030, the EU plans to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by 55 percent, and by 2050 to make Europe a completely carbon-neutral zone.

EU Vice President for Climate Policy Franz Timmermans said that the climate crisis and its consequences are obvious, that is why there is no delay in changing Europe’s approach to environmental issues.

At the Luxembourg meeting offer events on July 14 the European parliament must confirm.

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Azerbaijan news

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