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Female generals of Azerbaijan – One of the two people was captured, one remained… |


Currently Azerbaijan Along with men, women also serve in power structures.

They hold various ranks – from ensign to general… It is interesting that Azerbaijani women who wear pogon do not only work in medical and clerical jobs, they also hold the positions of heads of services, departments and departments.

Today, many high-ranking women work in the Ministries of Defense, Internal Affairs, Emergency Situations, State Border, and State Security.

Social given in one of the discussions on the network “currently in Azerbaijan general “Are there any high-ranking women and how many” attracted the attention of journalists.

As a result of a small investigation, it was found that until some time ago, two women in Azerbaijan general has been But since one of them has lost that rank, now general there is only one woman left wearing the pogo.

She was the first woman to hold the rank of general in Azerbaijan National Operational-Technical Department of the Ministry of Security chief Natavan Mirvetova took the position. he 20On March 28, 2009 Azerbaijan Major General by order of the President higher military got the rank. At that time, this was the highest honor a woman received in Azerbaijan military was a rank.

However 2018in April of “MTN caseMajor-General of Natavan Mirvetova, who was brought to responsibility within the framework military his rank was withdrawn.

In April of that year Baku By the decision of the Military Court “MTN case“, a presentation was sent to the President of the country about the revocation of the rank of major general of Natavan Mirvetova, who was accused of crimes.

Natavan Mirvetova, who was demoted by the court’s verdict, was sentenced to a 5-year probationary period.

Now the only female general in the country is in the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MFA) serve. this is MFAPersonnel policy of the General Department chief Major General Sevda Shirinova.

Sevda Shirinova was awarded this rank after Natavan Mirvetova. So, December 13, 20 of the country10by order dated MFA Personnel policy of the General Department chief Sevda Azergizi Shirinova was given the rank of major general. (

Azerbaijan news

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