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“If NATO builds infrastructure in Finland and Sweden, we will respond” |


“Everything was good between us, but now there may be some tensions”

Russia President Vladimir Putin of Finland and Sweden on June 29 NATOexpressed his opinion about joining

He said that after Finland and Sweden joined the alliance NATO if it deploys troops and infrastructure to these countries, Russia similar answer will give.

“We have no problem with Sweden and Finland. They are NATOthey want to join, let them continue,” Putin After a meeting with regional leaders in Turkmenistan Russia he said so on state television.

“But they have to understand that there was no danger before, and now there is military if contingents and infrastructure are deployed there, we will have to respond in the same way and create the same threats to the areas where threats are made against us.”

According to him, Moscow’s relations with Helsinki and Stockholm may become strained after their NATO membership.

“Everything was fine between us, but now there may be some tensions, there will definitely be,” said the Russian President.

Putin he said this after NATO member Turkey agreed to the proposal of Finland and Sweden to join the alliance and the three countries made a joint statement on protecting each other’s security.

He added that the “special” held by Moscow in Ukraine military The objectives of the operation remained unchanged.

The only goal here of Ukraine Donbas region in the east “free to do” and ensure Russia’s security.

He said that Russian troops are advancing in Ukraine and military said that the intervention went as planned.

According to him, there is no need to set a deadline for stopping the campaign.

Russia started military operations in Ukraine on February 24.

2 days before that, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a statement of Ukraine declared that he recognized the separatist institutions in the east.

UkraineWestern leaders condemned the military operations and said that Putin would answer for it.

After this Europe From the Commonwealth countries as well USAsanctions against Russia have started to arrive.

Among the more than 600 people who have been sanctioned are oligarchs, high-ranking military personnel, company owners, businessmen, as well as Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

On April 7 UN The General Assembly of Russia adopted a resolution on the removal of the organization from the Human Rights Council.

Bucha and others of the Russian army Ukraine allegedly committed mass murders and war crimes in their cities.

On June 25 Europe 12 countries of the Union have completely or partially refused the supply of Russian gas.

Azerbaijan news

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