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Martyr’s mother: “I stayed at the gates” |


“I go to the reception of the chief architect, they lock the door from the inside, I stay outside…”

President says that martyr keep in mind the problems of their families, veterans, treat them with respect, but you are leaving execution to the authorities, the official closes the door behind you, you stay outside.”

Ganja 28-year-old Nijat Gasimov, son of resident Narmina Mammadova, in the Second Karabakh War perished has been

Nicat’s two children are currently 5 and 8 years old.

His wife Gulnishan Gasimova joined the state’s Self-Employment Program for the family’s livelihood. She was given a sewing machine and additional accessories for tailoring. However, Gulnishan Gasimova does not find a place to start her tailoring business. That’s why Narmina Mammadova has been doing it for a long time Ganja City Execution He is coming to power.

From his arrival news The chief architect locks the door behind him, and the mother comes back with regret:

“Do it to me execution authorities said that the chief architect of the city looks after these cases. I can’t get to the reception of the chief architect either. His assistant says wait, let me go and see if he is in his room or not. Then they close the door from behind, I stay behind the door…”.

Mrs. Narmina for the last time execution He went to power last week, but he came back behind the door again.
Narmina Mammadova also goes to the executive power to restore the lighting system of the street where she lives.

According to him, he has been living there for more than 3 months Azerbaijan street “plunged into darkness”. The street lighting system is out of order. However, the relevant institutions do not solve the problem.

For this reason, he asked the executive power to intervene in the matter:

“Part of the main street has been without lights for 3 months, theft, crime increased. Either I stay behind the door, or they say, “Go, they will come and fix it.” They cheat every time.”

Another interesting incident happened to Narmina Mammadova. Recently, he was invited to the opening of the so-called “Taza bazar” market in Ganja. The owner of the market is several martyr He announced that a place was reserved for them in the market so that they could trade in order to take care of their families. Narmina Mammadova was even shown a place with a total area of ​​40 square meters. However, that place was not given to him later.

Ganja City Execution Meydan TV was told by the authorities that Narmina Mammadova was received by the deputy head of the executive several times, and she was offered several places. offer however, they did not agree, and as a result, they left the choice to themselves.

According to what they say, offer have done so that he can ask for a place, within the possibilities of the executive power martyr will try to make it available to his family.

As for the issue of lighting, the institution informed that the relevant institutions were contacted regarding the problem with the lighting system of the mentioned street.

This concern of the martyr’s mother has been heard and the problem will be solved soon.

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