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Russian troops are withdrawn from Ilan Island

Russia army has withdrawn its garrison forces from the occupied Snake Island and it is assumed that they have left the island completely.

This information of Ukraine “South” operative command Facebook published on the page.

The information states that Ukraine after firing by the Russians hastily evacuated the forces of the garrison with two fast boats.

Ukraine according to the information of the command, there is currently a fire on the island, explosion their voices are heard.

Shortly after Russia Ministry of Defence (MN) confirmed that its soldiers had left the island. The Ministry informed that they have completed the tasks on Ilan Island and removed the garrison there as a goodwill step.

“Thus it was shown to the world community that Russia Federation Ukraine from the territory village does not hinder the efforts of the United Nations Organization to organize a humanitarian corridor for the transportation of agricultural products”– it is stated in the statement.

Ilan Island was under the control of Russian troops from February 24, the first day of the war. Russia in May MN reported that he prevented the Ukrainian landing trying to land on the island.

Ukraine, in turn, announced that several Russian ships were shot down near the island.

Ilan Island in the northwest of the Black Sea is important in the struggle for control of access to the coast of Odessa region and the port of Odessa.

Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24 this year.

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Azerbaijan news

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