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The Ministry of Justice again refused to register ADR


Gubad Ibadoglu: “Decisions are made behind closed doors”

Ministry of Justice (MOJ) Azerbaijan The registration of the Party of Democracy and Prosperity (ADR) was refused for the second time.

About it Azerbaijan Meydan TV was informed by the Party of Democracy and Prosperity (ADR).

It is reported that the Ministry of Justice returned the party’s documents submitted for state registration on March 16 on June 21:

“Although the ministry extended the deadline for reviewing the documents by 1 month in its previous letter, in its reply after 3 months and 5 days it returned the documents due to the absence of the signature of the legal founder of the party in the application or its notarization.”

“However, the legal representative of the party, execution the head of his office, Ellada Mammadli, signed the application together with other founders, and those signatures were notarized. The same application addressed to the Ministry was presented in the 1st application in the same format. But the ministry noted its comment on this issue in its response to the party’s 2nd appeal. This shows that the ministry slows down the registration of the party by making 1-2 comments in each application and prolonging the process,” the statement said.

According to the chairman of the party, Gubad Ibadoglu, the ADR Party has been dealing with the issue of registration for the past 8 months since its establishment:

“Until now, two applications have been made to the relevant ministry for this purpose, and each application took an average of 4 months.”

According to him, in the MOST political The pariah registration procedure is very long, not transparent, and decisions are made behind closed doors.

Gubad Ibadoglu also said that the ministry should show all its notes and comments in the response letter to the first appeal: “However, every time it violates the requirements of the law by showing one or two comments.”

“The current attitude towards party registration is not based on legal norms, political related to the relationship. The new one, which is in a real oppositional position by violating the freedom of association of the current government political hinders the formation of the organization. With this, it shows that ADR is wary of the growing public influence in a short period of time,” Ibadoglu said.

He stressed that they will send the documents for registration to the ministry for the third time, and if they receive a refusal to register this time, they will appeal to the court.

Azerbaijan The Democracy and Prosperity (ADR) Party was founded in 2015 and was formed on the basis of the ADR Movement.

The party was announced at the founding congress held in 2021.

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