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“They questioned the woman who could not stand without bleeding…” |


The resident is complaining about Goychay District Central Hospital

“One and a half years ago, my wife’s pregnancy was disrupted due to the negligence of doctors. Now life again my friend she is pregnant We took him to the hospital with a hematoma (bleeding). doctors What has changed is the attitude towards the patient…”

Sakhavat Gafarov, a resident of Goychay district, tells Meydan TV that he took his wife, 29-year-old Gunel Gafarova, to the Emergency Department of Goychay District Central Hospital on June 28 due to bleeding (hematoma) during her pregnancy.

Primary after registration, Gunel Gafarova was placed in the Gynecology Department of the hospital. After the doctor’s examination, USM examination was advised and the patient was directed to the USM examination room next to the doctor’s office.

“Waited in line for more than 50 minutes”

According to Sakhavat Gafarov, his wife was brought to the USM room and had to wait in line for more than 50 minutes, even though her condition was serious.

“Brought with blood sick He was delayed for more than half an hour in the doctor’s room, and for almost 1 hour in front of the USM room… Maybe he would have died… Human life doctors has it become so cheap? Sick He is left writhing in the corridor from pain and bleeding, no one cares, he has to wait in line, that’s all. After waiting for over 50 minutes, it was finally his turn. After USM examination of the patient, who was delayed for almost 2 hours in the hospital, the doctor came back and said that your condition is very serious. child may perish, you should be in bed mode. Isn’t this mocking the patient?

“They slapped me on the head with the money they took from me”

According to Sakhavat Gafarov, Compulsory Medical They took 6 manats from him for USM, which is included in the Service Envelope of the insurance.

He is both pregnant to the chief doctor and the director of the hospital for making his wife wait in line for almost 1 hour, and also for taking money from him for USM complaint did:

“They returned the money after I complained to the chief doctor. They returned it in such a way that it would have been better if they had slapped me on the head. Moreover, as if they were conducting an investigation, they brought my wife from the neighboring building to a doctor in critical condition. Unable to stand without bleeding pregnant they questioned the woman to see if her husband was telling the truth or not?”.

“One and a half years ago, we lost our baby due to the mistake of these doctors”

“At that time, we brought my wife to this hospital. They said that he should sleep here for 3 days, we agreed. They did not carry out the treatment properly, they saw that the baby in the womb was on one side, life my friend he himself is about to lose his life, they were afraid. They said, “Take it to Baku.” When I brought him to Baku, the baby died,” says Sakhavat Gafarov.

Hospital a bribe denies receiving…

Goychay District Central Hospital told Meydan TV that Gunel Gafarova was admitted to the emergency department of the hospital on June 28 at around 12:42 p.m. Medical Accessed the Help section.

After being examined by a doctor-obstetrician-gynecologist, he was sent to “USM” examination at around 13:00.

The examination took place after the lunch break.

The patient’s wife, Gunel Gafarova, complained about receiving payment and neglecting her, and was seen by the director of the hospital.

Complaint and after the hearing, the parties were heard in the presence of the head of the relevant department of the hospital, the accused doctors and the complainants to investigate the issue.

It turned out that the medical staff treated the patient carefully and no money was demanded against him.

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