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A strange appointment in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – a 23-year-old department head… |


An unexpected appointment to a high position in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took place. According to the information obtained by “Qafqazinfo”, a woman born in 1998 was appointed the department head of the Finance Department. That person is from the country higher He graduated from one of the schools, and then had an internship at the Ministry of Justice and the Hilton hotel. Also, an international specialized in the development of leadership skills in young people NGOparticipated in the trainings of

The new head of the department has been working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Finance department for almost a year. He started work as a consultant, and then was appointed head of the department. It is clear that it is unreasonable to claim that a young lady has any experience in the field of finance in a short period of time.

It is known that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is one of the country’s leading ministries, an institution that forms the country’s foreign policy in accordance with the instructions of the head of state, and unlike other institutions, recruitment in this system is considered one of the most difficult procedures. Specialists have been striving here for decades to climb the career ladder and rise to a known position.

By the way, the financial department was also the most problematic structure of the ministry, and a lot of effort was spent to create order there. But has the goal been achieved? The appointment of a 23-year-old person with no experience as a department head does not create any reason to answer this question in the affirmative. Meanwhile, although the identity of that young lady is known to the editors, we do not disclose her name for ethical reasons. The goal here is not the identity of the woman, but the appointment to this position.

President Inspiration One of the main directions of Aliyev’s personnel reforms is the close involvement of young people in state administration. But that doesn’t mean yesterday higher graduated from school, no life way, people without work experience should be appointed to important positions. Do not such appointments irritate employees who have been waiting for promotion for many years, and do not create dissatisfaction in that structure? Of course it does, and the data we have confirms it. So why are such incomprehensible steps allowed? It is worth thinking about this question… (Qafqazinfo)

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