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Manat took 2.7 billion dollars in half a year

The State Oil Fund of the Central Bank of 2022 january– in currency auctions held in June 2 billion 739.2 million USA in the amount of dollars funds sold. 727 million from the fund in January, 371.2 million in February, 526.2 million in March, 548.7 million in April, 288 million in May, 278.1 million in June dollars received.

central bank In 2015 devaluations USA increased the dollar exchange rate from 0.7844 manats to 1.5594 manats. Starting 2016 with 1.7707 manats and 2017 with 1.7001 manats dollars 20181.7 manats to banks from March 7 offer is being

Manat stability is maintained in currency auctions. State Oil Fund for this mission in 2016 4.9 billion3.6 in 2017 billion, 20186.5 billion in 2019, 6.6 billion in 2019207.3 billion in 2021, 6.7 billion in 2021 dollars spent.

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