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Opposition vice-speaker Sagatelyan was removed from his post

Armenia National Closed voting in the Assembly on July 1 way terminated the duties of two representatives of the opposition

Armenia National Closed voting in the Assembly on July 1 way terminated the duties of two representatives of the opposition.

Radio Liberty’s Armenian service – Azatutyun writes that National The vice-speaker of the parliament, Ishkhan Sagatelyan, and the chairman of the commission on economic issues, Vage Akopyan, were removed from their positions.

Both deputy past in parliament the president Robert Kocharyan They represent the Hayastan faction.

Narek Babayan, chairman of the accounting commission, said that 66 out of 107 deputies participated in the vote and all of them voted in favor of the decision.

Before voting judge Arusyak Julhakyan from the “Citizen Agreement” faction made a speech and said that Sagatelyan will be elected from August 2021. of parliament He attended only 7 out of 25 sessions.

It was also noted that Sagatelyan did not attend 18 meetings of the National Assembly Council.

Julhakyan said that thus Ishkhan Sagatelyan vice-speaker as direct duties execution did not.

Speaking on Vage Akopyan’s case, another deputy of the government, Tsovinar Vardanyan, said that Akopyan did not participate in 194 out of 342 votes of the commission he was the chairman of. He attended only 5 out of 25 meetings of the National Assembly Council.

Refusal of mandates is not discussed

Vardanyan emphasized that 83 of the 253 laws adopted in the 8th convocation Milli Majlis were related to economic issues.

According to Vardanyan, Akopyan did not preside over 11 meetings of the commission.

Azatutyun writes that Ishkhan Sagatelyan and Vage Akopyan of parliament They did not participate in the July 1 meeting either.

In an interview with Azatutyun, Sagatelyan said the decision of the Milli Mejlis “political called “persecution”.

He added that the opposition will not nominate candidates for vacant positions in the Milli Majlis.

Azatutyun reminds that since the end of April, deputies of the Hayastan and “Sharafim var” factions of the opposition have been continuously marching in the streets and protest conducts actions, of parliament they did not come to their meetings.

They are Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan “Karabakh To Azerbaijan They accused him of being ready to give” and demanded the resignation of the government.

In addition to all this, Ishkhan Sagatelyan said that the opposition deputy does not discuss the issue of relinquishing mandates.


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