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“Samsung” plant in Russia will work through Armenia… |

Russia foreign consumers who continue to produce electronics in their factories send it to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan) and then sell in Russia through parallel import. As a result, the manufacturer officially Russia can declare that it has refused to supply to its market and thus partially avoid the risk of repeated sanctions.

A source close to the government told “Kommersant” about this.

According to the newspaper, “Samsung” company, which produces televisions and other equipment, has already started working in this way at the plant in the Kaluga region of South Korea.

of the Candy-Hoover Group Russia the head of the delegation Gleb Mishin He confirmed that the Russian factory of “Samsung” is working. He added that “but it is not known with which components, the South Korean company does not officially supply spare parts at the moment.”

According to him, “Samsung” sells TV stocks in Russia to countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, but he does not know whether the equipment is returned through parallel import.

According to the newspaper’s source, such a scheme for foreign business is better than selling domestic enterprises. However, the number of companies selling their factories in Russia is increasing.

“Samsung” company has not commented on the allegations yet.

Experts say that the scheme will solve only part of the problem, because it will be necessary to find a similar set of parts to bring to Russia.

“Despite the legalization of parallel import, the issue of supplying foreign assembly parts to Russia remains open. Therefore, the companies that continue their activities will sooner or later have to decide whether production will remain in Russia or not, and if so, in what form.”– say the interviewees of “Kommersant”.

20In June 2002, the Russian authorities legalized parallel import. After the start of the war in Ukraine (February 24, 2022), Russia can bring goods, which are prohibited for sale in the territory of the country due to sanctions, through third countries. Current Russian legislation allows companies from this country to import and sell goods without the manufacturer’s consent.

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