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The former head of the executive was asked to be imprisoned for 13 years

Prosecutor Imishlinin’s ex Mayor William Hajiyevfor 13 years imprisonment asked for punishment. He expressed this proposal at the court held on July 1.

According to the prosecutor, ex execution The accusations of a large amount of food, bribery, abuse of power given to its head were proven in court.

Belongs to public prosecutor Vilyam Hajiyev, but only on it imprisonment He asked that more than 6 million manats of money and property should be confiscated and used to compensate for the damage caused by the food.

Court to the conclusion of the investigation protest who did William Hajiyev and his lawyer said that there was insufficient investigation. Expert opinions were given without inspection of objects and buildings, only on the basis of inspection reports drawn up by the Ministry of Finance. Although they want a re-examination, court he said “no” to this issue.

Court appearance of counsel on July 8, ex execution will conclude with the last word of the head.

William Hajiyev 2004-20Goygölin in 06 years, 20Samukh in 2012-06, and Imishli in 2012-2020 Mayor worked in his position. In May 2020, when he was working in this position, in the operation carried out by the employees of the DTX imprisonment was done.

Vilyam Hajiyev pleads not guilty, claims that the accusations are slanderous, and that he was arrested by order.

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