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The next edition of “Science Channel” TV channel is dedicated to Agdam


The next edition of the scientific series “Mysteries of the abandoned” broadcast on the world’s prestigious “Science Channel” TV channel Azerbaijan It is dedicated to the city of Aghdam.

Over the past thirty years in reporting Armenia-Azerbaijan It is reflected that the conflict killed tens of thousands of people, cities and villages were destroyed during the war and during the occupation after it.

It is noted that Agdam, which was once the cultural center of the region and once inhabited by thousands of people, was razed to the ground during the occupation and turned into a completely destroyed “ghost city” where no one lives.

In the report, images from the devastated Aghdam, including the only surviving building in the city during the occupation – the Aghdam Juma Mosque, as well as the Drama Theater, Bread ruins of the museum and other public buildings are displayed. Also a historian about this city of Dominic Selwood His opinion is presented: “It is hard to believe that Aghdam was once a prosperous, noisy city of people living a normal life. Hundreds of buildings can be seen among the green trees. However, they were destroyed and only the remains of those buildings remain. The mosque represents the heritage of this place.”

Journalist Jim Meigs and emphasizes that Aghdam was once a very modern city: “Any westerner could walk the streets, visit cafes and feel at home. But all this was destroyed in a short time. This is a scary place, it looks like a scene from a horror movie. Roads and streets are deserted. There is no human being anywhere. There is only one building left intact in the city. “People have not heard about this conflict as much as they have heard about conflicts in other regions.”

In the report, in Aghdam Bread museum is also mentioned: “As another unexpected find, there is a beautiful painted wall in the middle of this ruin. Perhaps this is from the revival of the ruined city news gives”.

Azerbaijani journalist Emin Ibrahimov Bread in the painting on the wall of his museum Azerbaijan states that three attributes of the culture are described: “The woman is holding in her hands a majme, which is a symbol of the Nowruz holiday. In the hands of a lover Azerbaijan national there is saz, a musical instrument. A woman with a child wears a kerchief called a kalaghayi. All three of them are protected by UNESCO and are part of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. The only surviving building in Agdam city is the old mosque built in 1870s. “The Armenians, in fact, used it as an observation tower, warehouse and to direct artillery fire.”

Armenia-Azerbaijan In the report where the history of the conflict is also discussed, it is reported that during the Soviet period, Nagorno-Karabakh Azerbaijan contained. However, at that time, the Armenians, who made up the majority of the population in the autonomous republic, began to demand the integration of the province into Armenia. As a result of the conflict in the early 1990s, the territories of Azerbaijan were better armed at that time Armenia was occupied by the army. Thousands of armed Armenians entered Agdam and shelled the city.

“In 1993, 40 thousand inhabitants of the city and more than half a million Azerbaijanis in the region had to leave their homes. Until 1994, Armenia occupied the region, including the city of Aghdam,” said the chemical engineer. Caega Weiss states.

It is reported that 2020At a time when the world was fighting against the coronavirus, the conflict in this region started to flare up again. State-of-the-art in warfare military Armed with equipment, the Azerbaijani Army won a victory. The successful use of modern drone technology by the Azerbaijani Army played an important role in achieving success.

J. Weiss He noted that the Karabakh war was the first war in which drones played a decisive role.

It is also stated in the report that as a result of the war, 2020In November, the city of Aghdam was occupied free was done. But the struggle for the city residents is not over yet. Guns may be silenced. But it’s still a traumatic time for civilians.

It is specially emphasized that the “Garabagh” football team representing Agdam has become the harbinger of hope for the future of the destroyed city. The success of the team shows that this city has hope that it will come back to life. The team has a chance to play again in Agdam. Because the state has announced plans to turn the “city of spirits” into a super city. The Master Plan of Aghdam was approved in May 2021. According to the plan, the population of the renewed city 10There will be 0 thousand people.

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