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The Pentagon announced $820 million in new aid to Ukraine

Two to the 14th relief package weather includes additional ammunition for anti-aircraft missile systems, HIMARS

of the United States Ministry of Defence 820 million to Ukraine on July 1 dollars worth new military announced the aid package.

Two to the 14th relief package weather anti-missile defense (HHM) installation, includes additional ammunition for HIMARS multiple-launch missile systems.

Washington started delivering them to Kyiv in June.

In addition, the aid package includes 150,000 shells for 155 mm artillery guns and four sets of anti-artillery radars.

The Pentagon said in a statement:

“The United States and its Allies of Ukraine they work together to meet their changing needs on the battlefield.”

Norwegian special service

The Pentagon emphasized the importance of cooperation with Norway.

Norway of Ukraine “Russia is cruel weather NASAMS will provide Kyiv with air defense systems for defense against attacks.

Considering this package, since the beginning of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine USA 7 to Ukraine billion dollar military provided assistance.

Norway declared on July 1 that of Ukraine 1 for defense needs billion will allocate euros.

The statement says that this funds will also be spent on the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas, who is on a visit to Kyiv, made a statement about this Snow Styore spoke.

Ukraine President Vladimir Zelensky in a joint press conference with Prime Minister said that Norway was fighting a “life-and-death struggle”. Ukraine is in solidarity with


Azerbaijan news

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