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Vilyam Hajiyev was asked to be imprisoned for 13 years

State Prosecutor, Imishli District Execution He asked that Vilyam Hajiyev, the former head of the government (RIH), who was in prison, be deprived of his freedom for 13 years.

this is Baku It was announced in the proceedings chaired by the judge of the Court of Serious Crimes, Azer Pashayev.

Besides, former prosecutor execution on the head imprisonment He also asked for confiscation of his invested properties to the state.

Next on the job court the process is scheduled for July 8.

Note that 2020On May 5, based on the court’s decision, the State Security Service carried out operational-investigative measures at V. Hajiyev’s office and residence. He then imprisonment was done.

About V. Hajiyev by the investigative body A crime 179.3.2 of the Code (large amount embezzlement or waste, 308.1 (abuse of official powers, i.e. intentionally using one’s own official powers for the benefit of service in order to obtain an illegal advantage for himself or third parties in connection with the performance of official duties) when its contrary use or failure to use it when it is required by the interest of service causes significant damage to the rights and legal interests of individuals or legal entities, or to the interests of society or the state protected by law), 311.3.3 (a bribe receiving (passive bribery), when committed in a large amount) and 313 (falsification of position) were charged.


Azerbaijan news

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