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Vilyam Hajiyev was asked to be sentenced to 13 years in prison


The prosecutor demanded the confiscation of his property of 6.3 million

The ex-prisoner of Imishli was arrested on July 1 Mayor Vilyam Hajiyev’s trial has ended.

Baku In the Court of Serious Crimes judge Prosecutor Vilyam Hajiyev was sentenced to 13 years in the trial chaired by Azer Pashayev imprisonment asked for punishment.

He said in his speech that Vilyam Hajiyev A crime 179.4 of the Code (embezzlement by causing a large amount of damage), 228 (illegal possession of weapons), 311 (a bribe receiving), charges under articles 308 (abuse of official powers), 313 (forgery of office) have been proven in court.

Prosecutor Vilyam Hajiyev imprisonment the confiscation of 6.3 million manats of money and property, the punishment to be given to him will be strictly regulated punishment asked him to take it in his company.

According to procedural rules, after the prosecutor attorney must perform. But the former execution the head’s lawyer asked the court for time to prepare for the speech.

He was given time until July 8.

And after the lawyer William Hajiyev he will say the last word, then the sentence will be read to him.
Today’s court conclusion of the investigation offer when William Hajiyev and his lawyer Elmar Karimov to this protest did.

They said that 44 volumes crime His case has not been sufficiently investigated.

In response to the lawyer’s questions, the experts interrogated in the court said that they did not conduct independent research, did not visit the facilities in Imishli, and gave their opinion based on the inspection reports of the Ministry of Finance.

“However, an independent study should have been conducted. Expert opinion cannot be given in this way,” he said attorney said.

Although they want a re-examination, court did not satisfy their requests in this regard.

William Hajiyev 2020In May of the State Security Service (SSS) employees, Imishli district Execution With the operation in his power imprisonment done.

He was detained for a long time in the detention center of the DTX.

Court when it starts Baku He was transferred to the detention center.

Ex Mayor he was kept in a treatment facility until some time ago.

William Hajiyev A crime 179.4 of the Code (especially embezzlement), 311 (a bribe charged with apples) and other substances.

he 2004-20Goygol district in 2006, Samukh in 2006-2012, and Imishli in 2012-2020. Mayor worked in his position.

After Vilyam Hajiyev’s arrest, the DTX shows the removal of millions of manats, money in foreign currency, and various cars in boxes from his house and garage. video– posted images.

Vilyam Hajiyev pleads not guilty, claims that the accusations are slanderous, and that he was arrested by order.

The wave of arrests of executive heads in Azerbaijan began in December 2019.

The first arrested were the executive head of Agstafa district Nizamuddin Guliyev and the former executive head of Yevlakh was Goja Samadov.
In February 2020, the executive head of Neftchala was arrested, and in May of Bilasuvar and Imishli. Then the same operations were carried out in Kurdamir, Jalilabad, Shamkir regions.

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