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The European Commission allows Russia to transport goods in Kaliningrad

Europe Commission (EC) plans to allow Russia to import goods sanctioned in Kaliningrad. About this “Der Spiegel” Europe Referring to sources in the Commission news gives

According to the decision, the exact volume of goods allowed to transit Lithuania customs will be determined by the documents. In special cases, the volume of transit cargo may exceed the norm, but only in this case Russia will have to prove each exception.

Europe The decision adopted by the Commission mainly reflects the position of the German government.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz repeatedly emphasized that he NATOof Russia and Ukraine will do everything in his power not to become a side of the war. German soldiers are stationed in Lithuania and could be involved in a possible conflict.

According to the representative of Lithuania, who is familiar with the negotiations, since June 18, Germany has been putting pressure on the European Commission not to apply sanctions for transit in Kaliningrad. The decision of the European Commission is expected to be published in the near future.

Kaliningrad Oblast is an enclave of Russia bordering Lithuania and Poland. After the introduction of EU sanctions on June 17, Lithuania banned the transit of Russian construction materials and metal. Passenger transportation continues according to the previous rules.

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said the transit was suspended after consultations with and under the direction of the European Commission. June 20in Russia The Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanded that Lithuania immediately remove the ban on cargo transit to Kaliningrad region. On June 21, the EU in Russia ambassador explained that there is no question of the blockade of Kaliningrad and the transit of goods not subject to EU sanctions “works normally”.

In accordance with the 4th package of sanctions of the European Union, since June 17, restrictions have been imposed on the import of steel and iron products into the Union territory of Russia. Except for July 10of cement and alcohol from August 10Import of coal and other types of solid fuel is prohibited from December 5.

Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24. During this period, a number of cities and towns of the country were destroyed, thousands of people perished and millions of people fled the country.

The international world condemns this step of Russia and calls for the withdrawal of its troops from Ukraine.

Official Moscow calls the war against neighboring Ukraine “special military “operation” is called. In addition, those who use the word “war”, those who say “no to war”, as well as individuals and mass media who report news different from the official information of the Ministry of Defense of Russia are punished.

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