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“Belarus is dragged into the war in Ukraine” |


President claimed that a rocket was launched into his country

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko claims that a missile was launched from Ukraine to Belarus.
He said that they want to drag Minsk into the war in Ukraine:

“They Russia and they want to deal with Belarus at the same time.”

Alexander Lukashenko He did not substantiate this claim with any facts or evidence. He said that the incident happened a few years ago.

The state of Belarus news agency BELTA published Lukashenko’s statement about this. In that statement, it is stated that Ukraine from the territory of Belarus military an attempt was made to strike the objects:

Ukraine all missiles fired by its armed forces weather destroyed by anti-attack systems.

According to Lukashenko, Minsk is being dragged into the war in Ukraine. According to the President, Belarus Ukraine does not intend to fight with, but will go to if attacked:

NATO and European Union Russia and is interested in new provocations against Belarus.”

Ukraine did not comment on Lukashenko’s claims. CNN channel about it to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine request sent. So far, he has not received an answer.

Although Belarus is not a direct participant in the war in Ukraine, it is Russia’s number one ally. It is claimed that it provides material and technical support to Russia in the war. Also Russia part of its troops entered Ukraine by crossing the Belarusian border.

Therefore, the Western countries applied several serious financial sanctions packages against Belarus as well as Russia.

USAEU countries and a number of other countries 2020held in Belarus in August the president after the elections, Alexander Lukashenko was not recognized as the legitimately elected head of state.

Sanctions were imposed on him and his entourage in connection with the suppression of mass protests against the official results of the vote. Lukashenko the regime is accused of grossly violating human rights and persecuting the opposition.

Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24. During this period, a number of cities and towns of the country were destroyed, thousands of people perished and millions of people were displaced from their country.

The international world condemns this step of Russia and calls for the withdrawal of its troops from Ukraine.

Official Moscow calls the war against neighboring Ukraine “special military “operation” is called. In addition, those who use the word “war”, those who say “no to war”, as well as individuals and mass media who report news different from the official information of the Russian Ministry of Defense are punished.

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