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LGBTQI+ activists: “The state is the killer of change” |

Published: July 4, 2022 19:24

Reporter, LGBTQI+ activist Instead Regarding the killing of Shikhmammadov (Hafizli). crime to work Baku It is being tried in the Court of Serious Crimes. Court Media representatives and LGBTQI+ activists gathered in front of the building. Activists chanting, not to prevent hate crimes protest did. Next one on July 4th court although the process was supposed to be held, the case was postponed when one of the judges went on vacation. The next one court the process is scheduled for July 18.

The incident took place on February 22, in Balakhani settlement Instead It happened in the yard of Hafizli’s house. His cousin Amrulla Gulaliyev is accused of murdering the reporter. Family members of the parties are not visible in court proceedings. Also, since legal succession is given to the family Instead Hafizli’s lawyer could not join the case.

Public representatives say that the deceased was killed because of his sexual orientation. According to the Rainbow ranking of the international organization ILGA Europe for the last several years Azerbaijan Ranked last out of 49 countries for LGBTQI+ rights.

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