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“Our yard, hazelnut groves, basements of houses are under water” |


According to the information given by the district officials to the BBC, the emergency commission has managed to normalize the situation in several villages. Work continues in other areas.

A resident of Zayam village of Zagatala, who did not want to be named, told MS BBC News Azerbaijan that everything in his yard is now under water: “Our whole yard, hazelnut groves, part of the bottom of the houses are under water. We don’t know if the flow of the river has changed or if the mouth of the river has been closed, so far no one has investigated it. They are probably waiting for the rain to stop.”

“The commission has been organized,” they said. But…

MS says that a week ago, a stronger flood came to Zayam village than now. Although more damage was done to the residents at that time, no one came and was interested:

“A week ago, they said that the commission was organized. But after the rain stopped, no one came, was interested, and investigated where these waters came from.”

Mukhakh village Hasan Orujov, a resident, says that rain water has seriously damaged his house and clothes:

“5-6 of my chickens died. I have built new houses, there is water under my roof. But the thing is that my next door neighbor is the reason why my house is like this 100 years old is closing the mouth of the canal. Currently, I am staying at home, I can’t even go to the yard. Our yard is completely under water. I called the village management, they looked, they said “we will fix it”. But they ignore this issue.”

Hasan Orujov says that he is not aware of the general situation in the village, whether the roads are open or closed, as he has no way to go out from his house.

Mukhax, rain, flood

Bahmetli of the district village execution deputy representative Asef Muradov told BBC News Azerbaijan that heavy rainwater did not cause any damage to the population:

“It rains in the village, and rainwater is collected. It is still raining, it is true, the waters have increased, but there are no consequences. People were not harmed.”

Hazelnut groves in the village of Zayam in the water

Zagatala District Execution Chairman of the Emergency Situations Commission of the Government, execution Tofig Ahmadov, the first deputy head of the country, told the BBC that as a result of the heavy downpour, the water level in the rivers has increased, especially the water has filtered down from the mountains, and the amount of incoming water has increased excessively.

“The water seeping down from the mountains caused serious damage to the villages of Mukhax, Gymir, Chobankol, Mamrukh, and Gozbarag. Residents’ agricultural fields, hazelnut groves, and vital plots of land were flooded. Georgia-Zagatala- as a result of Mukhachchay floodingYevlakh Traffic has temporarily stopped on the part of the highway passing through the territory of Lahic village. However, traffic on the road was restored thanks to the clean-up work and law enforcement by the police. The commission works in that area from 3-4 at night. We ourselves also Mayor we have been in the area. The situation in the villages of Gozbarak, Mamrukh, and Lahic has completely stabilized. “The water from the mountains is mostly in the village of Mukhax, where employees work.”

Zagatala, rain, flood

Compensation to victims

Saying that he will investigate the complaint of Mukhakh village resident Hasan Orujov, the deputy head of the executive also said that the water that came to the villages as a result of yesterday’s downpour flowed from the top to the bottom of the district this afternoon and reached the villages of Dagli, Muganli, and Zayam.

“We are currently registering the damage to the village and residents. We conduct the investigation and send it to the higher authorities. Similar cases have been recorded earlier. We have also conducted an investigation to the relevant institutions report we have given I can say that this is the heaviest rain that has fallen in Zagatala in recent years. At the moment, we are again engaged in census work. But so far we have not received any information about damage to the property of any citizen.”

The head of the institution says that the relevant responsible institutions will make the decision whether to give compensation to the citizens who suffered damage as a result of the downpour.

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