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A glacier has fallen in the Alps, and there are people who died

A large glacier has flowed in the Italian Alps. Snow at least 7 people who remain under their layers perished and 15 people are missing. 8 additional people were injured, 2 of them are in serious condition.

At the scene of the disaster, rescue operations are continuing with the help of helicopters and search dogs.

The glacier named “Marmolada” was located on the slope of the mountain of the same name. It is the highest mountain in the Dolomite Alps in northwestern Italy.

The height of “Marmolada” is 3 thousand 300 meters. The Dolomite Alps are a popular destination for skiing in both winter and summer. Among the dead and injured are tourists from different countries.

A representative of the local rescue service Walter Milan said that the cause of the tragedy has not yet been determined. But according to him, it is believed that the glacier has started to melt and disintegrate due to the anomalous heat observed in Italy recently. According to V. Mila, the air temperature has been + in recent days, even at an altitude of three kilometers, where ice and snow usually do not melt10 degree was around.

The Prime Minister of Italy who came to the scene of the natural disaster Mario Draghi also said that the abnormal heat that caused the melting of the ice is related to climate change, which has been felt more in Europe in recent years. “The government should take measures to minimize the possibility of recurrence of such natural events”he said.

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