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Is Russia building a military base on the border with Azerbaijan? |

The end of this sector of the border AzerbaijanArmenia collisions 2020It happened in July

Armenian service of RFE/RL – Azatuyun writes that according to the rumors circulating among the residents of Aygepar village in Armenia Russia new in this village military started to create the base.

In Soviet times, there was a runway for Yak-40 planes here.

Azatutyun writes that intensive construction works have been going on in Aygepar village of Berd district of Tavush region of Armenia for more than a month.

This too news it is given that on June 17, among the government’s undeclared issues, “Armenia in the area Russia military there was amendment No. 2 to the protocol on the dislocation of the base.

The government website states that Armenia in the territory Russia military new land plots and real estate are given to the Russian side in accordance with the protocol on the change of the base’s relocation addresses.

Armenia’s Minister of Defense Suren Papikyan informed about the justification of this document.

According to him, there is a government decision on this, but the document still needs to be thoroughly processed National It must be ratified in the assembly.

Baird weather As for the construction works carried out in the port, local residents say that there are Russians among the construction managers.

Azatutyun writes that, however, the information released by the government does not mention which lands, how many Russian soldiers will be stationed here, and their mission.

Head of Berd community Samvel Ovsepyan told Azatutuyun that the airport was not in the balance of the village.

Azatutyun writes that the village of Aygepar Azerbaijan Peacock It is located 1 kilometer from Alibeyli village in the district.

Local residents say that the presence of a Russian base here would create additional security guarantees.

Village resident Vache Kalantaryan said:

“People hope that there will be calm. You know very well that this is the nearest area. It has been under fire for 30 years. They shoot bullets from rifles and fall here.”

Another one village Hamlet Markaryan, a resident, says that “it’s good, there will be no more war and bombing like it was then.”

The end of this sector of the border Azerbaijan-Armenian clashes 2020It happened in July.

Azatutyun writes that at that time Aygepar, Movses, Nerkin Karmirakhpur, Berd and Chinar stations were fired from large-caliber weapons.

And after two months 44 day war started.


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