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“McDonald’s” stopped working in Kazakhstan

The activity of all “McDonald’s” restaurants in Kazakhstan has been suspended. The related announcement was posted on the company’s Instagram page.

It is reported that the stoppage occurred due to technical reasons – problems on the part of the fiscal data operator. There is no information yet on when the restaurants will open.

“McDonald’s” has been operating in Kazakhstan since 2016. In the spring of 2022, there were 23 restaurants belonging to him in six cities of the country.

“Forbes” magazine previously wrote that after “McDonald’s” stops operating in Russia, the chain in Kazakhstan may face difficulties. Because it was reported that Kazakhstani restaurants buy more than half of their products from suppliers in Russia.

“McDonald’s”. Russia network left Russia due to aggression against Ukraine (February 24). of the company Russia Alexander Govor, an entrepreneur from Novokuznetsk, bought his business. The new chain of restaurants is called “Vkusno – i tochka”.

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