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The Eiffel Tower needs repair |

The Eiffel Tower, one of the main attractions of Paris, is rusted and in need of major repairs. But instead, they are repainting it ahead of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

The French “Marianne” magazine wrote about this with reference to its sources.

Cracks and rust were discovered in the Eiffel Tower as early as 2014, according to claims contained in confidential reports obtained by the magazine. In 2016, the tower reportedly had 884 injuries, including 68 that “threatened the stability of the structure.”

The manager of the tower, who did not want to be named, told the magazine: “If [qüllə mühəndisi] If Gustav Eiffel had visited this place, he would have had a heart attack.”

The tower is now in preparation for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris 20It is painted for the first time. The cost of cosmetic renovation of the monument is 60 million euros. It was assumed that the paint on one third of the tower would be peeled off, after which two new coats would be applied to it. However, due to the work stoppage due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the presence of lead in the old paint, only 5 percent of the monument is expected to have full paint peeling.

Experts interviewed by the magazine believe that the old paint should be completely removed from the tower and only then repainted. They said that putting new paint over the old one makes the corrosion worse. But according to the magazine, the company that manages the tower and is 99 percent owned by the Paris mayor’s office does not want to close the monument for a long time because of the loss of tourism revenue.

This iron tower with a height of 324 meters and a weight of 7,300 tons was built for the 1889 World Exhibition. Before opening, it was covered with four layers of leech (a mineral containing lead). Now it is banned, but at that time it was considered the best anti-corrosion agent. Eiffel himself believed that paint guarantees the durability of the tower and “most importantly, it will prevent rust.”

According to Eiffel’s thinking, the tower 20 year, it had to be demolished after that. But thanks to careful maintenance, the tower is still standing and is considered one of the symbols of France.

About 6 million tourists visit the Eiffel Tower every year. This is after Disneyland, Louvre and Palace of Versailles in France it is the fourth most visited cultural site.

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