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They did not allow the national flag of Tuva to be raised on Red Square

The Republic of Turkic-speaking Tuvans was a semi-recognized state in the international world in 1921-1944, when it was not yet part of the USSR.

Tuvan’s blue-yellow of the deputy of the Red City Council in the Tuva Republic of Russia national was not allowed to raise the flag.

News it is reported that the deputy was immediately surrounded by armed individuals.

About this, the Siberian-media telegram channel news gave

Canvas deputy Roman Tamoyev conducted a survey among Muscovites about the Republic of Tuva and back Ukraine He wanted to fly the blue-yellow Tuvan flag, reminiscent of his flag.

Before that, Tamoyev had asked the police for permission to walk around Red Square with the flag and take pictures.

The police strictly forbade it.

According to Tamoyev, as soon as he got away from the police, he was surrounded by ten armed men.

Tamoyev says that he is a law-abiding citizen and loves his country.

Deputy later said that the police did not allow him to raise the flag of the Republic of Tuva, one of the regions of Russia.

Although the police were based on the legislation, they could not say which law they were talking about.

Tamoyev says that the majority of Muscovites are unaware of the existence of the Republic of Tuva in Russia.

He said that many Tuva flag Ukraine they mistake it for the flag.

Russia’s dfederal law basically anything that will be held in the territory of the Moscow Kremlin, Red Square and Alexander Garden action directly to the president permission of the administration is required.

Homeland of Shoigun

The Republic of Tuva (former People’s Republic of Tuva) is one of the Siberian regions of Russia.

The republic of Turkic-speaking Tuvans was a partially recognized state in the international world in 1921-1944, when it was not yet part of the USSR.

Mountains make up 80 percent of the republic’s territory. The Yenisei River begins in Kizil, the capital of Tuva.

The traditional religious beliefs of the Tuvans are related to Tibetan Buddhism and shamanism.

Tuva is the worst in Russia social– is one of the regions with economic indicators.

According to the statistics of 2021, Tuva was the poorest region of Russia.


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