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What happened to the remains of martyrs found in Farrukh?

In April of this year, human remains were discovered during the excavation in the direction of Farrukh village of Khojaly. As a result of the research, it became clear that the remains were from the heavy battles for the village of Farrukh and its height during the First Karabakh War martyr refers to Azerbaijanis who have been The remains of our compatriots who were killed during the First Karabakh War were found during excavations carried out in three separate places.

According to Abdulsamad Azizli, the prosecutor of the press service of the General Prosecutor’s Office, at present military An investigation is underway at the prosecutor’s office, after the examination is completed, detailed information will be provided on the identity of the persons whose remains were found.

But I wonder if it will be possible to take Armenia to the international court after the identity of the remains is clarified?

To the question military expert Ramil Iskanderli answered.


Azerbaijan news

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