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Preparations for the next referendum have started in Azerbaijan. Information received by from reliable sources states that a vote will be held for important changes to the country’s Constitution in the fall (most likely in October – ed.).

Note that, deputiessome officials Azerbaijan They have repeatedly expressed the need for innovations in the Basic Law. In December last year, the parliament was vacant deputy In response to the question about when the elections will be held, CEC chairman Mazahir Panahov pointed to the referendum by replying that “issues that are fateful for the country must be resolved.”

National Chairman of the Human Rights Committee of the Assembly Zahid Oruj also announced to the local media last week that the referendum is necessary:

“I think the popular vote Azerbaijan despite the fact that it happened several times in the history of independence, the dynamics of social life, the changes in state and civil relations, especially the fact that our victory in the Patriotic War political Management includes challenges arising in both administrative issues. In this sense, transferring all of them to legal provisions, the country higher it appears as an important issue to take into account in the law”.

The history of independence is rich with referendum and 20After 2000, the government amended the Constitution 3 times because of the need. The vote expected in the fall is not only the basic needs of the government, political not only for maneuvers, but also for the 44-day war, including Russian-Ukrainian war may be related to the new realities brought about by the geopolitical changes that took place as a result.

A reliable source says that the official in this context Baku It can create legal grounds for a complete and comprehensive settlement of the conflict with Armenia. It is about making changes to the administrative territorial management of the country through a referendum, where the Armenian minority lives, 10 November 2020from the date of Russia temporarily controlled by the peacekeeping contingent Azerbaijan it is about clarifying the fate of the territories.

It is known that after the victory in the war Azerbaijan unequivocally declares that it will not grant any status to the Armenian minority living in Karabakh. Currently, this issue is in the peace negotiations Baku and Yerevan is the main subject of dispute between Brussels and Washington. Armenia management Azerbaijan declares that it is ready to recognize the territorial integrity, but the issue of the status of Karabakh is a completely separate issue. USA and Europe The Union’s position is that peace negotiations should be conducted within the framework of the Minsk Group, and the Armenian minority should be given a status that would create an international guarantee for their security. This position violated the Brussels format, and on the 30th of last month, between Hikmat Hajiyev and Armen Grigoryan European Union led to the failure of the planned meeting in the capital.

Russia’s position has changed significantly since Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s visit to Baku last month. He formalized his position by denying the involvement of the mediators institute in the process, and at the same time not opening status discussions Baku was able to partially approach Prime Minister of Armenia N.Pashinyan and made a statement strongly condemning Lavrov.

Back to the main topic: Azerbaijan under these circumstances, what changes can he make to the Constitution in order to preserve his principled position on the status issue, and to fully form his position in the process of peace negotiations and be able to strengthen it further.

It should be recalled that November 26, 1991 in Azerbaijan Ali Soviet Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Province cancellation about to do law accepted. In that law, the Decree of the Central Executive Committee of Azerbaijan dated July 7, 1923 “On the establishment of the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Province” and the Law of the Azerbaijan SSR dated June 16, 1981 “On the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Province” were declared invalid. Also, the historical names of Stepanakert, Mardakert, Martuni cities were returned, Stepanakert city was renamed Khankendi city, Mardakert city was renamed Aghdara city and Mardakert district was renamed Aghdara district, Martuni city was named Khojavend city and Martuni district was named Khojavend district.

In addition, Askeran and Hadrut regions cancellation done Khojaly with the city as the center Khojaly district was created, cancellation the territory of Askeran district Khojaly district, and the territory of Hadrut district was included in Khojavand district. The cities of Khankendi and Shusha are included in the ranks of republican subordinate cities, Aghdara, Khojavend, Khojaly and Shusha districts are included in the ranks of republican subordinate districts. From 1991 to 2021, these areas were called Upper Karabakh economic region in Azerbaijan.

On July 7, 2021 President Inspiration Two of the 14 economic regions created by the decree signed by Aliyev are from occupation free done, as well as Russia covers the regions under the temporary control of peacekeepers. Thus, the Karabakh economic region includes the city of Khankendi, Agjabedi, Agdam, Barda, FuzuliKhojaly, Khojavand, Shusha and Tartar regions;

Jabrayil to East Zangezur economic district, KalbajarGubadli, Lachin and Zangilan districts.

What innovations can be made in this framework in the expected constitutional changes?

Gulamhuseyn Alibeyli, chairman of the Aydınlar Party, expert on constitutional law, said in his statement to that he rules out granting any status to Karabakh Armenians with the new referendum: “Because the position of the country’s leadership on this matter is principled, it has been repeatedly stated at the highest level that the Armenian minority cannot be given any status.

But the administrative management of the country can be changed and it is possible to cancel the districts and create provinces instead. In addition, it is possible to form one of the provinces in Khankendi and the surrounding areas, where the Armenian minority lives. In addition, certain advantages can be given to them by legislation, but this is possible not at the level of the Constitution, but within the framework of the adoption of new laws. These advantages are the history of Armenians, national, religious, etc. can cover their rights”.


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