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Gasoline is available in the regions – What is the reason for not finding fuel?

Some time ago at gas stations in some regions gasoline due to lack of social videos were shared in the media.

Before this incident, Ganja, one of the biggest cities of the country, and later Does not cross we saw what happened in the district. Citizens are waiting in front of gas stations and long traffic jams for hours complaint they did. They report that at small gas stations gasoline there is no

What is the reason for the problem with gasoline in the regions? Gasoline Why is there a shortage?

Economist-expert Natig Jafarli made a statement on the matter.

The expert attributed this to the fact that the Oil Refinery has been under maintenance for months:

“At the beginning of this year, the Oil Refinery was closed for repairs. The repairs were expected to be completed in a few months. However, it turns out that the repair is delayed. Therefore, we are witnessing a certain decrease in our production of diesel and AI-92 gasoline. We mainly bought AI-92 gasoline from Russia. This brand of gasoline is not produced in other countries because it does not meet ecological standards. Most likely, there are also problems with the purchase of gasoline from Russia. Because there is a serious problem with money transfers as a result of the sanctions imposed on Russia. That is, the volume of money transfers has decreased. On the other hand, local production cannot deliver it either. Because they could not complete the repair works on time. Therefore, a certain reserve had to be collected in advance. That is why such problems arise at various gas stations in the regions. I don’t think it will result in a global shortage. Because in the near future certain parts of that plant should start working. After the local production starts, the problems related to this shortage will disappear.”

N. Jafarli said that the claim that this problem is related to export is wrong:

Azerbaijan a small part of the gasoline produced was directed to export. Gasoline according to “EURO-5” standards is not produced in Azerbaijan. Therefore, exports abroad are negligible. Azerbaijan It will be possible to export gasoline after starting production of AI-95 brand premium gasoline. Because the quality of current gasoline is very low. That is, the current problem is not related to exports. It is simply due to unplanned repair work. Such problems are experienced as a result of not being planned in advance, resources not being collected, and at the same time, the work is not set up properly. In one more month, we will see problems related to gasoline in the regions.” (Bakupost)


Azerbaijan news

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