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How to get rid of summer depression? |


“Summer depression is a common disease in recent years, but it is less common than winter depression.”

Psychologist Konul Babayeva said this.

According to him, the main cause of depression is the change of the rhythms of the day, the lengthening of the day and the shortening of the night:

“Other causes of summer depression can be stress and past summer trauma. It is natural for stress to increase at this time. Therefore, you should spend less time under the sun. The reason for this (of the day under which the human body loses a lot of water and this leads to fatigue, pessimism). In addition, it is necessary to increase physical activity in the summer. It is important to sleep on time. If a person does all these things, but still feels bad, he can consult a specialist. In some cases, summer depressions bring illness along with it, and in such cases it is imperative to consult a doctor.

Baku State University (BSU) teacher, Mushvig Mustafayev, PhD in psychology, told “Report” that depression often manifests itself during the change of seasons, in spring and autumn.

According to him, depression is a cold of the soul and anyone can be depressed. The psychologist said that the main issue is to get rid of depression easily.

According to M. Mustafayev, a depressed person shows a number of symptoms: “Their mood drops, they start not enjoying the things they used to enjoy anymore. At the same time, his appetite decreases and his sleep pattern is disturbed.”

The psychologist also emphasized that there are different ways to get out of a depressive state: “First of all, it is important to control thoughts. It is necessary to stay away from pessimistic thoughts and think positively. This period can easily be spent making big plans for the future. In addition, it is advisable to change the location. It is important to walk a lot and stay away from alcohol. We need to try to motivate ourselves.” (Report)

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