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the head and employees of the institution were arrested


The institution, which is said to be operating without a license, was advertised on TV channels for a long time

The head of the “New Life” Rehabilitation Center for those who want to get rid of drug addiction and alcoholism, located in the gardens in Novkhani, Orujali Aliheidarov and four other employees of this institution – Elvusal Huseynov, Famil Rzayev, Ganbar Hasanov and Sarkhan Aliyev. imprisonment done. They are kept in the center for rehabilitation torture they are accused of giving. Now to their work Baku It is being tried in the Court of Serious Crimes.

Named persons A crime They are charged with articles 133 (torture), 145 (illegal deprivation of liberty) of the Code. In addition to these charges, Orujeli Aliheydarov, Elvusal Huseynov, and Famil Rzayev were also charged with Article 192 of the Criminal Code, which stipulates responsibility for illegal entrepreneurship. Because “New Life” Rehabilitation Center operated without registration and license.

This crime three people on the job – Fuad Hasanov, Kamran Aliyev and Jahangir Aliyev was recognized as the victim, and another person was recognized as the victim’s legal heir. It is alleged that the named persons were tortured there.

Hussein Mammadov died in the hospital on September 5 last year. He is represented in court by his legal heir. A crime it is stated in the materials of his work that Hussein Although Mammadov came to the center voluntarily, he wanted to escape on September 4 at around 15:00 in the afternoon. The employees of the Center caught him, tied his hands and beat him. On September 5 Hussein Mammadov’s condition worsened and he was rushed to the hospital, but his life could not be saved.

Huseyn Mammadov’s situation in the materials of the criminal case torture although it is claimed that he worsened as a result, at the same time, there is an opinion in the case that he died from an overdose of drugs. However drug nothing is known about the conditions under which he took it.

None of the 5 accused admits the charges. They said that they are absolutely not guilty. Even Famil Rzayev called what was written in the accusation “fairy tale” and “fabrication”.

From the lawyers of the accused in court Pomegranate Mamishov, Samir Isayev and others filed motions to return the criminal case to the investigation for re-examination, to release their clients under house arrest until the verdict, and to remove some documents from the list of evidence as inadmissible. But none of the petitions were granted.

At the “New Life” Rehabilitation Center, advertisements about the rehabilitation process using the “12 steps” program, which is famous all over the world, were also broadcast on TV channels for a long time.

Azerbaijan news

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